SLEEPING GHOST is a production team to materialize Artist/Illustrator Nobumasa Takahashi's materials, contrivances, and ideas. It was all planned when NN was established. SLEEPING GHOST has the concept "It is interesting if existing. But, there is a problem in the budget and the production method, but we will make the commodity easily boldly".

The most much becoming problems in producing the commodity when it tried to make the interesting one that has not been achieved is a cost now. Because the reason where the commodity doesn't exist is that the production line doesn't exist. Then, it is necessary to think about the construction of the production line from the beginning. In that case, the commodity of a small lot sheds to the wall of cost, is returned, and cannot exist.
However, if the line is forcibly cut open oppositely, it becomes possible to make an original, interesting commodity.. It cannot be called a commodity if it go into red. We thinks that we can produce an original, interesting commodity line by selecting and producing the commodity of the borderline that doesn't become a deficit. Our work is to collect "SLEEPING GHOST". As the artist, it is the evaluation to be able to make the original work that others cannot produce. I had been planning since before, "I want to apply the idea to the commodity development".

The "SLEEPING GHOST" started with a display at museum shop "SFT" in The National Art Center, Tokyo.
The aim is to bring a big impact no matter if it exists or not with home manufacturing power of Mitsuho who directs Takahashi family and with Designer's HADUKI.

The trade mark ghost comes from Nobumasa Takahashi's CUTE series. Also he uses the same design as his signature. I feel that the chance to see the picture in daily life is few in the Japanese. Takahashi who was artist of the "HIKIKOMORI" is similar to it. It was thinly transparent from the society. The existence is a thing that only the person who wants to see sees. It is the same as the ghost. Because "Mitsuho" becomes mediators in the society, Takahashi can become "GHOST that can be found". When Takahashi draws "GHOST", a special meaning associated of "Usually ghosts can not be seen. Thank you for seeing it and finding it. And I hopes that you find it again." is put.

The unit name "SLEEPING GHOST" has two meaning. 1:Realistically difficult commodity to achieve 2:Director Takahashi (ghost) connives (close eyes) at the budget and the production method and it makes it.


Nobumasa Takahashi (Artist/Director)
Mitsuho (Director)
Om (Model)
Hazuki (Designer)