About "quasi × NOBUMASA TAKAHASHI Collaboration Tote Bag"

The second model of "The Wall Is Mine" series. It was launched in July 2014 as the first original product of shoes select shop "quasi(in Shizuoka)".

Quasi has a mural painting which is created by artist Nobumasa Takahashi. He spent over about two weeks to turn it off.The code of the wall, which undulate intricately, and the flower which twines were cut off as it was, and is designed. It can walk around with a full-scale picture by making it the big tote bag instead of shoes.


quasi × NOBUMASA TAKAHASHI Collaboration Tote Bag
size:W 570 × H 360 D 165 mm / Price:9,000yen / Color : Black print・White print
Made in Japan / Cotton 100%
stock number:GIWMT 006 (Black Print) / GIWMT 007 (White Print) / GIWMT 008 (Pink Print) / GIWMT 009 (Yellow Print)


quasi=that appears to be something but is not really so. A shoes select shop which is founded by Munechika Ota.

Young designer’s brands and niche products(first landing in Shizuoka) are dealt with. The inside of the shop decorated with an artist Nobumasa Takahashi's mural painting and a glass artist Noriko Herron's chandelier work is a store where a quality is high also as art space as quotient space. Even if the importance of the analog way of face-to-face sales in shoes selection is digital age, it does not change. Shoes that fit the foot, not only the design, it is a proposal to cherish the good feeling of when you wear.

Nobumasa Takahashi
Nobumasa Takahashi is the artist who sends the maniac work to the world. He made an atelier "Ba-chang House" of Itabashi Tokyo the base.

The Wall Is Mine
Suggesting the possibility that everyone can get a work which is produced with an artist nowadays. When "a work" in the wall of an art museum or a gallery appeared around your hands, "The Wall Is Mine" works the meaning.
The project is directed by Atsushi Takayanagi.


Horti(Kobe, Rokkosan)


Shizuoka PARCO
Rooko Meets Art 2015